Bank of America….Crooks!

Written on April 15, 2010 – 2:51 pm | by Diane |

I know anyone that’s read my earlier posts about problems with Bank of America is going to say it’s my own fault. Well, yes, it is kind of my fault and yes, I should have learned my lesson the first time. I can tell you, most definitely, I’ve learned it now.
Things are extremely tight for us, financially, like it is for most people I talk to. Being out of a job doesn’t help the situation. So, I sometimes make payments to get them in on time knowing that it will take a day or two the clear the bank and then I can “rob from Peter to pay Paul.” One such payment was a truck payment.
Wednesday at 1:00 in the morning, I checked our account. Generally, when a charge is posted to the account it shows as pending. This particular time there was nothing pending so I figured I bought myself another day. Shows you how wrong I can be.
Upon signing on at 7:00 Wednesday morning to balance my accounts, as I do every day, there were three charges debited from the account. They hadn’t been there as pending, but there they were. Not only were they debited to the account in Bank of America’s special order of largest to smallest, but they were dated with Tuesday’s date. A new trick!!! Not good!!!
To clarify, largest to smallest most definitely guarantees BOA that you will overdraw on the first debit so that each subsequent charge is also overdrawn. A practice, by the way which was part of the claim in the lawsuit Closson vs. Bank of America.
So, now I have three charges that have put me in the red. If the debits had been entered smallest to largest there would have been only one item overdrawn. I immediately covered the overdrawn amount, plus enough to cover two additional charges that I knew were coming and put in an extra $80 to cover the overdraft fees that I was correct in assuming that I would be charged. My assumption was partially correct. Bank of America now charges $35 each for overdrawn items. I was back in the red.
To compound things even further, The crooks put through the overdraft charges before the two charges that I had accounted for so although I re-deposited enough to cover the overdraft charges, I was again in the red and now have two additional overdraft charges.
As I was writing this post, I called Bank of America for the second time today. I explained the situation to the BOA customer service representative who stated that by the summer they will no longer be putting through checks or allowing debits that will overdraw the account. I responded that the new policy did not concern me because I will no longer be banking with Bank of America. Her tune changed. I went over the account again asking her if she could do something to reverse the overdraft charges. Lo and behold, because I’m out of work, she offered to reverse three charges. Apparently, the uncooperative representative that I spoke with this morning could have done the same. I guess it really matters who you speak to. Next time I think I’ll hang up and call back until I actually make progress.
I should have done that with the AT&T representative I spoke with today as well. That’s another story…

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  2. By Elaine on Jan 14, 2011 | Reply

    I am having the same problem with Bank of America they are charging me overdraft fees when the money is in the account then their fees are causing overdrafts I just had a whole paycheck put in and am still in the red because of their fees. I am struggling as it is that was my food and gas money so i could get to work I don’t get paid for another two weeks. I tried talking to them and nothing they just said yes you are right but there is nothing we can do

  3. By Diane on Jan 14, 2011 | Reply

    It seems that everywhere we turn lately corporate America is screwing us. I’m sorry to hear about your struggles and the problems BOA is causing you. I had basically cleared out all of my accounts from BOA except one, but of course I’m such a “small fry” that they don’t really care. If it weren’t virtually a necessity to have a checking account to pay bills, I would have closed that one too.
    What I can’t figure out is that companies like Bank of America and the credit card companies and even Sallie Mae are all in and out of court for various policies that they inflict on the public, but they pay a fine and continue their unjust practices. Sallie Mae has been sued for collection calls to cell phones, but the calls continue.
    All of these companies have gotten too big and we are just pawns in their games.
    This frustration was why I created this blog….WAPATU…..”Will Anyone Pay Attention To Us?” The answer is apparently not!

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